Our Capabilities

With more than four decades of experience managing government services, we've become the experts at helping you to achieve tangible results. We've seen it ourselves, and we know how to create it.

New technologies

Technology is the way of practical life for everyone in all industries. Especially, In the field of recruitment, the impact of technology and data collecting has become more successful in improving the employment experience for both the candidates and the recruiting teams. The labor market has become largely candidate-driven, which means that recruiters are working harder to attract top talent.

Government leadership

The roles and requirements of government have grown significantly since the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s founding. Government – any government – needs to evolve and improve continuously, to keep up with new challenges. This requires us to meet high standards of transparency and accuracy, and professionalism to meet expected results.

Populations & eligibility

The Saudi population registered an annual growth rate of 2.52% in 2018, as the General Authority for Statistics had announced. Therefore, creating new opportunities for our nation is the best way to decrease unemployment and develop new careers. Standing side by side with the 2030 Saudi vision.

Skills & Training

The business world is changing continuously, creating ever-increasing challenges for employers wanting to maximize the skills of their workforce.

Our training is designed to be inclusive, offering additional learning support in areas such as mental and physical disability to ensure you can maximize the potential of all of your staff.

Deep understanding of populations

Utilizing the tools and specialists from our Center for Literacy, we’re able to constantly refresh and tailor our approaches to engage beneficiaries from ever-changing demographics. We offer support for speech and hearing-impaired callers and special populations.

Professional staff

We are not only customer care experts but caring individuals. We implement clear yet empowering policies that allow them to have the greatest impact, whether working with individuals for as long as it takes or striving to ensure that customers experience world-class service with every interaction.

Skilled in a wide range of services

• Eligibility Verification
• Program Enrollment
• Registration and Renewal
• Case Management
• Citizen Training
• Counseling

Guidance & Consultancy Services

As a leader in providing governmental services internationally, we rely on our expertise to support you, improve the quality of services provided, replace it with more tailored ones, and implement new programs and initiatives. 

Case Management

Creating a comprehensive approach to case management, offering a full range of benefits by combining people, processes, and technology:

  • Customer-focused service options and flexible choices for managing caseloads enabling us to create an individualized yet consistent and efficient customer experience
  • Scalability ranging from expanding enrollment in a focused, single-mission program to expanding the mission across multiple programs
  • Real-time access to legacy systems of record to ensure accurate and timely access to program information
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate individual participant needs based on changes in their data using tools, processes, and workflows that move individual cases through the process with greater ease

Experience that spans populations and programs

We perform more than 1.5 million assessments per year in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

More than simply informing eligibility decisions about benefits, assessments are powerful tools for understanding and successfully addressing the needs and expectations of individual participants. In fact, assessments are integral to the workforce programs we operate because they inform and enable us to create a person- and family-centered career plans that offer hard-to-place job seekers greater opportunities for success. 

We have the expertise and experience to deliver large-scale assessment programs that ensure quality, timely and respectful service is delivered and that the needs of vulnerable individuals are met.