A place where you can make a difference

At Maximus, we employ hundreds of people across Saudi Arabia who are just as committed to making a difference as we are. It's how we can deliver vital services that have a positive impact on our communities and change lives for the better. Every day we help people find employment and learn new skills.

Why Maximus?

Our diverse team communicates in more than 120 languages, across 9 countries, helping to eliminate barriers and reduce disparities to match citizens with the services they need. We're passionate about what we do because we care.

Respect for contributions

We foster a culture that respects and values individual contributions and differences. We believe our differences spark innovation, develop leadership and drive exceptional performance.

A culture of teamwork

We provide a team-oriented environment and are proud of our collective commitment to become the leading provider for the administration of government programs.

An engaging work environment

Our employees are our most valuable asset and we remain dedicated to providing them with an engaging and supportive work environment and meaningful jobs that contribute to the goals of the Company.


  • Rawiah Mandeeli, Senior Operations Manager

    “I started my journey with Maximus as an Employment Consultant, following that a Branch Manager, Operations Manager and I am now Head of Operations leading a team of 70 to deliver the Taqat employment program.

    Throughout my journey the senior management team believed in my abilities and capabilities and provided constant support. I was a bit hesitant to show my capabilities at first, but with everyone’s trust and support I became more confident.

    Working at Maximus added more than I expected in terms of personal and career development.”

  • Mahmoud Hassan, Validation Manager

    When I joined Maximus in 2012 it had just started work on the Taqat program and was a small Company. I had a temporary role with administrative tasks submitting documents to the client, I began to communicate with our branches to correct document errors and to ensure data integrity and then became a permanent employee performing tasks such as client liaison, quality assurance, billing, training and translation. I worked in almost all the departments. I now lead the Validation and Claims team.

    During my years with Maximus I witnessed the company’s growth and success and look forward to continued success and excellence in its related field.

We are Maximus. Moving people forward.