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Case Study: Ashwaq Ibrahim Al - Khatabi

The job seeker visited the center of Taqat on 29/10/2018. She was 32 years old and has a Bachelor degree of Business Administration and wants to change her life. She’s still looking for herself she has the power to give and provide productivity. She has a child with disabilities and needs to take care of him and wants to work to prove that she can do so. Her personality motivated us to recruit her, despite her lack of experience. 

In the first session, she was trained through the courses that will be supported by the pre-employment and was attached to the courses to update the data of any functional interview to support and confirm her readiness through the sessions of the Taqat center to know the basics of work in any field in the private sector. 

She was welcomed within an induction program that has defined what will be provided, the services and job opportunities after the end of the courses. The job offer provided to a job seeker at the factory Albik and the world of the loyal and Conrad Makkah Hotel was not accepted but accepted one at the Makarim Ajyad hotel and began work on 25/12/2018 and continued to work until the current period. In addition, there was a follow up every two weeks from the time of employment and the consultant expressed its desire to cooperate with us in the event of the need of the place for any female job seeker.