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Case Study: Nouf h Qablan Al-Maqati

Our success began when the job seeker came to the center of Taqat after exhaustion of looking for career opportunities. The luck was not beside her, she continued to search for someone to help her to find a hand to help her to meet the requirements of life. She found the support to develop. She went to the center of Taqat, since 12/6/2017. From her entry, she was confident that she will find what she desires with God’s will. She got introduced to the center and it’s training courses that will help her to develop her skills and build her self-confidence to get the job that she wishes.

The job seeker has experience in the field of education as a teacher but she wanted to try another area to help her to gain experience of dealing with customers and was offered a sales vacancy in ALMsbah 1/3/2018 and the Extra on 20/2/2018 and she was not accepted because of her appearance. She needed to enter the fake interview course & self-improvement courses to develop her skills and she worked with her instructor and the site counselor to help her to overcome the obstacles in the other interviews and help her to assess her determination. She was nominated again in the company Nuri as a cashier on 5/3/2018 and was accepted and began training. She was happy with this opportunity to prove herself in her new job and was distinguished in the job, began work on 2/5/2018 and still working till now.