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Case Study: Ranem Ammar Shurrab

Our story began with Ranem because she’s a daughter of a citizen looking for a job in the customer service because of her skill in communication, but she had not heard of the center of Taqat and the introduction of services for the Saudians and citizens in terms of support and encouragement and skills development. She attended Taqat center on 07/05/2018

The job seeker pointed out that she wanted to work in the field of tourism, but because of the language barrier, it was a bit difficult. She was nominated by the consultant and trainer in the presence of the course of the formulation of goals and mental function which had a role in persuading her to practice a job that she doesn’t want and experience that might one day help reach her desired goal.

Where her course attendance is the main reason to determine her goals and desires in the sales field she was very happy with the help of the Taqat center and her adviser told her that her personality and motivation may help her get the job of her dreams which is customer service. She was nominated for a job saleswoman in NSC Company on 8/5/2018 and was accepted. 

She told us that her dream is still in front of her and her desire and determination to gain experience to reach her dream made her continue to work as a saleswoman and cashier. She is happy and wishes to get promoted to customer service.