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Case Study: Siham Salem Balkhour

She started struggling since her graduation from the Department of Biology and did not find a job that met her desire and ambitions. Then came the decision of the Saudi Institute for Medical Specialties to open the introduction of graduates of the bachelor of biology and chemistry to obtain a diploma in the specialization of sterilization health, and after two years she received a diploma and was looking for a job again. 

She visited 17/12/2018 the center of Taqat and since her started, she was very afraid and her self-confidence was very weak, but because of her willingness to work, that was the main reason for her to visit the center of Taqat When she entered and was welcomed and treated with love and found good treatment that broke that fear inside her. The job seeker has a diploma in health assessment. Her counselor contacted the health centers and introduced the importance of assessment and encouraging employers to hire Saudi cadres. She attended the courses that helped her to improve her confidence and her willingness to enter the job interviews she attended the ethics and job search workshops

And she got nominated for sterilization specialist’s position in Al Madar Medical Orthodontic Complex. She was accepted and she started on 1/1/2019 and is still continuing in the same medical center. She hopes to get promoted to supervisor of the department of sterilization in the center of medical orbit. She was very happy. With God's help, with the help of a center of Taqat the obstacles made incentives and motivations to prove their existence and restore their self-confidence.