Maximus Global Training Institute “MGTI”

MGTI supports projects implemented by the Company through providing soft and technical skills training programs to people benefiting from government employment projects. MGTI also provides integrated training and consultancy services to government and non-profit sector entities with the aim of developing their staff and leaders’ capabilities to make ends and to achieve their goals and

Sectors we support

  • Government
  • Private
  • People
  • Non-profit

MGTI’s approach in training solutions

  • Develop solutions and involve clients
  • Analyze needs and identify vulnerabilities that need to be addressed and evaluated
  • Develop Training solutions
  • Execution
  • Final report
  • Assessment of results & impressions

Fields of Training

  • New employees’ programs
  • Labor market’s preparation programs
  • Customized programs for departments’ supervisors
  • Customized programs for directors and heads
  • Leadership programs

MGTI offers specialized and flexible training courses to improve the skills of the Saudi workforce ready to enter the labor market.


Academic Partners


I would say that the course offers are required in the labor market, and they match the Saudi 2030 vision in preparing and employing women, and even at the personal level they are useful.

I believe that the courses I attended were connected and relevant as I gain knowledge and skill in my professional and personal life.

I have attended Emotional intelligence and Problem-Solving and Decision Making, both have benefited me in my professional and personal life, and in terms of presentation skills, I have gained a new skill that I will use or help others with.

The training courses benefited me, and I liked the trainer's way of presenting the course, and I liked the content of the courses because it is useful and full of useful ideas and information.

Case Studies