Our Projects

Maximus Gulf has always sought to develop long-term local partnerships with various governmental, private, and non-profit sectors, with a view to develop business models and partnerships that contribute to the achievement of its projects goals, focusing on support and sustainable development of projects’ beneficiaries.

On-the-Job Training 2021-2025

OJT program aims to support Saudi women's career empowerment and increase their share in the labor market. Maximus provides support to the program by securing qualitative job opportunities for job seekers as well as offering on-the-job vocational training and qualification programs in partnership with the private sector to achieve career sustainability.

Tamkeen Project of Developing Social Beneficiaries’ Training and Qualification Programs Ending with Employment 2022-2021​

The project aims to transfer beneficiaries and dependents, under the social security umbrella, from pastoralism to development and from dependence to independence. Maximus role is to qualify, train and create suitable and sustainable jobs for such category of beneficiaries in the labor market.

Social Cases Survey Project 2022-2026

Social Cases Survey Project is one of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s projects with the aim of achieving operational and financial efficiency of home visits to the social beneficiaries, and to turn the private sector to legislative and supervisory role, and providing full support to the beneficiaries. Maximus Social Workers are tasked to assess the home visits of registered social beneficiaries of KSA regions. The assessment relies on periodic home visits to verify the beneficiaries' eligibility and status.

Tawteen Hypermarkets and Retail Sector Localization Project 2021-2022

Partnering with Maximus, the program aims to invest in Saudi capabilities and effectively support their career sustainment. Maximus works to provide opportunities for job seekers and qualify them with technical and soft skills to ensure their labor market readiness and sustainment.

Employment and training project for people with disabilities 2022-2024

TAQAT is a Human Resources Development Fund “HRDF” program aimed to support employment of job seekers in private sector. Maximus operates through its various centers around the Kingdom to connect job seekers with employers by providing them with employment and training services; in order to develop the national workforce in the labor market to ensure their sustainability.

People with Disabilities Project 2022-2024

PWD project is one of the national transformation programs of 2030 Vision, which aims to empower the career of people with disabilities to ensure their independence and integration into society and increase their share in the labor market. Maximus role comes in to support job seekers with a package of on-the-job training programs.

Business Development, Development Initiatives and Interventions Project

Business Development, Development Initiatives and Interventions is one of the projects of the Regions National Community Development “Tanmiah". Maximus is operating the project through analyzing the current status of services and development interventions and gaps in community services and business development. Maximus is also improving the Business Development Department operational model and, putting a detailed business plan with all activities and actions related to executing the Department's strategic plan initiatives and the program in general. A road map, initiatives proposal, quick gains for development services and interventions are also being put in action, as well as submitting a mechanism for studying and analyzing the market’s development interventions and community services related to the objectives and strategy of the program. Global and local studies & benchmarks are in line with Saudi laws, regulations and culture.

Tarahum Ex-offenders and their Dependents Services 2020-2021

Tarahum Program is dedicated to the Rehabilitation of ex-offenders and their families. The program aims to raise their self-reliance by training them to improve their capabilities and enable them to be part of the economic and social development process. Maximus provides job opportunities for ex-offenders and their families, and ready them for the labor market, as well as to follow-up on their eligibility and ensure their career sustainability.