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Case Study: Rana AlMolad

Our job seeker Rana Mohammed Saleh Al Mawlid likes to gain experience in any field, start from scratch, and challenge all the circumstances she has faced. 

Our success began when the job seeker came to the center of Taqat to look for a job and prove herself that she could be productive and gain experience in any field. When she came to the center of Taqat, she had great hope and was full of ambition. She was welcomed and got introduced to the services provided by the centers of Taqat (Maximus) For the Saudis 

She attended 2018/03/01 for the center of Taqat, and since her entry, she was sure that she would find what she wanted. She got introduced to the center and the courses they provide to help her get the job. Where the job seeker wanted to work in the field of sales - she and security guards got a job offer. 

She got nominated to AlMesbah (sensey) vacancy and worked only for one day because her brother insulted her in front of everyone and asked her to leave work and went home with him. This situation affected and made her lose her self-confidence. However, the employment consultant contacted the job seeker after struggling and attracted her to Taqat center and try to help her regain her self-confidence. The job seeker came at the agreed date to the center of Taqat and the consultant and trainer sat with her and highlighted her strengths and distinctive in her personality and try to understand the reaction of her brother.

After that, she was nominated for a vacancy in the competitive price (saleswomen). The brother of the job seeker was contacted by her consultant at the Taqat Center and explained that the work at the competing price has advantages and special treatment with the female employees and suggested that he go with her at the time of signing the contract to see and check himself, the job seeker got interviewed and accepted; her starting date was 12/4/2018. She was happy that she had started the first step on the ladder of success.